The problems with existing English learning methods based on patterns

  • Limited by the teacher's knowledge and experience

  • Focused on knowledge delivery

  • Shadowing learning method requires a lot of time and effort

Big Data Pattern English Practice Service

Big Data Analysis

Over 100,000 drama and movie scripts were analyzed with Big Data Technology.

Machine Learning

Video creation based on machine learning


Video/audio content of actual dramas

Leitner Systems

Learning system using Leitner Systems (card memorization method with forgetting curve)


Provide learning motivation by providing personalized learning statistics and alarms


Conversation Practice using Deep Learning Chatbot technology

Big Data Scripts Analysis

By analyzing the pattern ranking with the NGram algorithm, 100 000 drama scripts are counted according to the most frequently used sentences.

The training pattern is selected by extracting the top 100 most frequently used sentences in each verb.
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AI Chatbot technology

Conversation Practice using Deep Learning Chatbot technology

In order to speak with a native English speaker, there are time and cost constraints. Through AI chatbot algorithms, the next speaking patterns are derived based on the sentences the user speaks.
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